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Innovative Induction Heating Equipment for Industrial Manufacturing

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Induction Fundamentals

Induction heating is a quick, clean, non-contact source of heat for industrial manufacturing. Innovative induction heating technology offers an attractive combination of speed, control, consistency, and economy.

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Induction Heating Machines

We design & build heating systems for material joining, material processing, and component assembly with our own production-proven tooling & fixturing, power supplies, and inductors. Visit our Machine Photo Gallery.


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vacuum brazing

Vacuum Brazing Services

Send us your parts for high quality, precision vacuum brazing with quick turnaround and competitive pricing. We work with load sizes up to 12x16" at up to 1800°C with +/- 5° temperature uniformity. Learn more.

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Process Applications

Induction heating is used for material processing applications such as hardening and annealing; joining processes including brazing and soldering; and assembly processes such as heat staking metal to plastic.


December 5, 2013
GH IA Hires European Sales Engineer

September 17, 2013
GH IA Develops Innovative Scan Hardening Machine

September 9, 2013
GH IA Updates Induction Heating Guide

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YouTube Channel

Check out our YouTube Channel, Innovative Heating Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing. You'll find a wide range of videos showing how our heating solutions solve advanced manufacturing challenges.

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Inductor Mfg. & Repair

We have extensive facilities for inductor design, manufacturing, and repair. We provide application support, design and manufacturing expertise, and prompt service for inductors of virtually any shape and size.


March 16, 2022
Join us this fall at IMTS, Fabtech, and Furnaces NA!

April 2, 2021
GH IA Announces Partnership With Foka Engineering of Germany

Sept. 25, 2020
GH IA Offers Vacuum Brazing Services