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Free Parts Evaluation

Have You Ever Asked Yourself:

Isn't there a better way to heat these parts?

Why can't I heat my parts with more precision and consistency?

Isn't there a more energy-efficient way to run this heating process?

Why does this process take so much time?

How can I reduce my reject rates and improve product quality?

GH IA's free parts evaluation service for induction heating is designed to answer all these questions and more - before you commit to any investment! Simply send us samples of your parts and tell us about your process - we'll analyze your application requirements, determine the optimum combination of RF power and inductor configuration for your parts and give you our best advice!

With our free parts evaluation service, you can tap into our reservoir of induction heating experience with out any purchase obligation. The GH IA engineering staff has worked with parts of virtually every size and shape in hundreds of different applications. For brazing, soldering, heat treating, heat staking metal into plastic, precious metal melting, bonding and many other applications, induction heating offers very specific advantages:

Advantages of Induction Heating   LEARN MORE

Optimized Consistency Extended Fixture Life
Maximixed Productivity Environmentally Sound
Improved Product Quality Reduced Energy Consumption

How To Send Us Your Parts

So if you're not sure if induction heating is the right solution for you, why not send us your parts for free evaluation? There is no better way to determine how our technology will improve your manufacturing process.

The procedure is simple - start by completing, printing, and submitting our online Action Action Request Form. Answer the questions as clearly as possible - the more information you provide our engineers, the better advice they can offer! Box up plenty of part samples and include the form in the package - our shipping address is:

Parts Evaluation
GH Induction Atmospheres
35 Industrial Park Circle
Rochester, NY USA 14624

If you have additional questions, please call us at 585-368-2120 or e-mail us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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We'll evaluate your parts and process and give you our best advice without obligation.