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Recent initiatives for lean, just-in-time manufacturing within the automotive industry have emphasized the need to find faster and more efficient heating technologies. Induction heating machines are used in the manufacture of many parts along the automotive drive train - including CV joints, tulips, gears, steering racks, and wheel hubs. Induction technology is also used to produce large body and engine parts such as rocker arms, cam shafts, valves, connecting rods, banding, crank shafts, and starting rings. Finally, shock absorber components are hardened and formed using induction.

The Induction Advantage

Plant managers who must comply with advanced environmental regulations have discovered that they can reduce their emissions and lower their utility bills by replacing an old fossil fuel furnace or flame heating setup with a clean, fast, and efficient induction heating machine.

Induction heating is a quick, clean, non-contact method of inducing heat for a wide variety of metal joining and heat treating applications. When compared to convection, radiant, open flame or other heating methods, induction heating offers substantial advantages:

Customized Machines - Proven Capabilities

Induction heating machines are increasingly used for automotive manufacturing processes such as:

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auto parts manufactured with induction heating

Induction heating machines are used to manufacture a wide range of automotive parts.

hardening drive shafts

Hardening automotive drive shafts with induction heating.