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Turnkey System for Shipbuilding Industry  Data Sheet

During the welding of plates to fixed structures, buckling stress is produced. In order to eliminate this distortion, different traditional deck and bulkhead straightening techniques are employed: welding of beads in non-visible areas, cutting and re-welding of plates, and stress relieving using flame heating. These techniques are big time consumers, costly and do not provide any added value. Improving the efficiency of this process is paramount.

The GH IA Induction Straightening Solution (ISS) provides a simple, flexible, low-maintenance alternative to traditional deck and bulkhead straightening techniques. The quick, clean induction heating system rapidly generates heat with precision to relief the stress and straighten the plate.

Mobile Design
The ISS System is housed in an all-in-one, portable container. The container is placed at a suppport beam; eyebolts are provided for easy movement.

Horizontal or Vertical Orientation
With just a tool change, the equipment can be used in either horizontal or vertical position. The system can be placed on both flat and tilted surfaces.

Low Maintenance
The ISS System is designed for marine environments and meets both IP55 and AISI1316 requirements. The cabinet is made of stainless steel and the induction process requires no expendable materials.

Easy to Operate
System operators can master the three basic steps with just a few hours of training.

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portable deck/bulkhead straightening

The ISS System is housed in an all-in-one, portable container

ISS system delivers quick, clean induction heating

The heating tool can be used in horizontal or vertical position