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Heat Treating Machine Designs

Induction heating allows the treating of a particular area of the part, so as to obtain surface hardening localised in particular zones. This surface treatment is obtained by controlling the power applied, the frequency of the inductor current and the heating and cooling times. The treatment can be done in two different ways: either static or progressive (by scanning).

Static treatment consists of setting the part in front of the inductor and carrying out the operation without moving either the part or the inductor. This type of operation is very fast, requires only simple mechanics and enables a very accurate localisation of the treated area, even with parts with complicated geometry.

The scanning treatment consists of going over the part with a continuous operation, moving either the part or the inductor. This means that parts with large surfaces to be treated can be processed at lower power.

Vertical Induction Hardening

The TVK-S vertical scanners program is the access solution to high-quality standards in induction applications manufactured by GH Induction Group. This "all in one" solution can perform heat treatment (hardening, tempering) as well as brazing processes with power supplies up to 100kW.

Our TVT series vertical induction hardening machines offer great versatility in processing parts of varying dimensions and characteristics. Hardening can be accomplished by scanning or single shot, with or without rotation.

Our versatile TVG series vertical hardening machines accomodate parts up to 3000mm in length, 4000mm in diameter, and weighing up to 2 tons. These are manual load/unload machines in which the inductor moves along the part.

Horizontal Induction Hardening

With horizontal "single shot" induction hardening, axis, semi-axis, steering racks and similar parts can be treated and hardened automatically. Our systems simplify integration of the induction heat treating process into automatic manufacturing lines.

The utilization of scanning technology offers great flexibility for processing parts of different lengths and similar diameters. With our HS horizontal hardening machines, a numeric control system automatically governs the hardening process in two-by-two or three-by-three configurations. This maintains a high degree of accuracy, consistency and part quality.

Our SCT horizontal hardening machines are designed for heating either a specific section of the part or the entire axis, according to the centerless principle with conveyor rollers.

Slewing Bearing Hardening

Our model GTV Hardening Machine is designed to harden steel slewing bearings to increase strength and durability. A single machine hardens both bearing raceways and teeth.

Indexing Turntables for Heat Treating

Our semi-automatic induction indexing machines are ideal for atmospheric hardening and general heat treating processes. Choose a pre-designed, off the shelf machine or let our engineering staff customize a design to meet your specific tooling requirements.

Inert Atmosphere Heating

Designed for atmospheric brazing and soldering with argon, nitrogen and other inert gases, our Glove Box Inert Atmosphere Machines are ideal for low- to moderate volume applications. With their operator friendly, ergonomic design, these machines are particularly well-suited for processes which require manual part manipulation. Glove Box machines are typically used with nickel, titanium.

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