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SWET System for Pre-Heat and Weld Repair

With Argon Purge Chamber

Our SWET System is designed to pre-heat and weld superalloys at elevated temperatures. The system uses an argon purge chamber which removes oxygen from the work area to avoid oxidation.


Advanced Ergonomics
The work area is ergonomically designed to maximimize operator comfort and convenience. The system can be adjusted in height and the armrest can also be adjusted in angle to provide comfort to the welder while working. All process parameter indicators are located in the frontal panel so the operator can easily control them.

Coil Design
The specially designed induction coil provides the proper heating pattern to the part and maximizes the efficiency of the power supply, while still allowing easy part insertion and removal.

Parts loading
For increased safety, a two-handed control device is employed to lower and raise the chamber base. The HPT blade dovetail is secured by a stainless steel fixture for precise blade location and stability.

Process Parameters
Full controls are available for programming chamber purge time delay; ramp up, hold, ramp down temperature control; and closed loop temperature control via infrared pyrometer. System controls hold power constant during the welding process.

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SWET System handles pre-heating for welding

SWET System for Weld Repair

HPT aerospace blade

HPT aerospace blade